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Mithunda gives darshan to Maska

Date: April 12, 2009 Venue: Coimbatore Airport, TN Purpose: Summer Internship visit to Company

My luggage having been weighed and tagged by the AI crew, there was still a solid 1.5 hours left for my flight to take off. Satisfaction personified I was as I glanced at the multitude of people in the airport while munching the home made idlies laced with powdered chilli-powder. Nothing new to observe- typical Indian families with baggage enough to set up a civilization, happy kids skating on the smooth floor, ugly air-hostesses with lousy make-ups. Ofcourse there was the occasional beautiful young lady, whom which one immediately shot a Thank-You to the Maker.

Then suddenly out of the crowd strutted along a tall well-built man. His 6 feet height, dark sun-glasses, wide forehead, the unique hairstyle, the cocky gait while walking and most of all- that most familiar face meant that my eyes were trained solely on Him.

Mithun Chakravarthy, was it ? I had my doubts due to the absence of any security cordon. After all, for 5 consecutive years 1994-1999, Mithunda was the country highest individual taxpayer. Actually the real reason behind me doubting whether it was the Colossus Himself was the shocking absence of even a single soul from his legion of devotees mobbing the Mithunda lookalike. Still I hoped that it was Prabhujhi Himself. I looked at the other passengers for any sort of reaction. This is Tamil-Nadu alright, but when have Gods been constrained by physical boundaries. After all, Mithun Chakravarthy is the original pan Indian superstar.

At times of doubt, never hesitate, a lesson experience has taught me. Immediately I shot off and followed the Man. Entered gate no: 9 where the boarding passengers were being body searched by the security. The Mithun lookalike with the eye-gear was spreading his hands and legs wide, in a sort of Jesus Christ on the cross position as he was being frisked by the security.

I was alarmed at the same time.awed !

Alarmed, since a once-in-a-generation icon like Mithunda, who has saved the nation form grotesque villains of various diabolic shades from lusty Bulla, the confused Chutiya, the imperialist Sam, the foul Pothey, the dark Kala Shetty, the hapless Lucky Chikna, the sly Ibu Hatela, the politically well-connected Lamboo Ata and the fearless Ballu Bakra, are not frisked about for security threats, unless the lookalike is not Mithunda. OH MY GOD ! On the other hand, if it was the God Himself, could not help being awed a the down to earth nature of the colossus for allowing his pious self to be frisked by ordinary mortals.

Woh Mithunda hain Kya ?-I asked the security personnel.
Han ! Ek Zamaane main bada star tha. (Was a star once upon a time).

I blessed the security guard whole-heartedly for confirming that Yes, that is indeed the GOD and the next moment promptly cursed him; Star of an old era Most Blasphemous words that have ever been uttered. The Shahrukhs, the Salmans and the Aamirs may be the big-stars today. But these godless infidels have sold their souls to the Devil and cater only to the surreal multiplex going-western culture aping yuppies. Even Amitabh became a heretic by acting in candy floss flicks of that apostate- Karan Johar.

There is only one other man in India, who has more stature than Mithunda. The one and only iconic, colossus of mind and body, the titanic, awe-inspiring Superstar RAJINIKANTH.

I was overwhelmed with a sense of pity for the security wallah. My good fellow. Only the Rajinis and the Mithuns cater to you- in run-down moth infested theatres with broken wooden seats. One can even puff the occasional Beedis to ones heart-content without worrying about flouting laws in these these temples of rural India, the real Bharat which has space for everyone-the farmer, the coolie, the shopkeeper, the Milkman, autodrivers and even species like mongrels and rats. Talk about Vasudheva Kudumbam- the all inclusivity prescribed in the ancient scriptures.

The SRKs and the Aamirs dont care a damn about you. For the Jawans and the Kisans, there are only two-Mithunda,the original Disco dancer and superstar Rajini.

As I was being body searched, my Crime free record was almost breached as the security insisted on seeing the contents of the laptop bag. Curse You, my good fellow ! My once in a lifetime opportunity is vaporizing every moment you delay me.
Finally the ordeal was over. I scurried along with my luggage, as I anxiously surveyed the waiting passengers.

There He was- Sitting Alone in the last row, inhabited by none but He. Havent I seen this in numersous movies, the same angry young man brooding intensity look before the climax fight, as Mithunda would relive those tortuous moments: his father getting murdered and his sister being raped by the heartless Bhuknas and the lusty Chiknas. Those reminiscences which would wake up the dormant beast within the simpleton Mithun, as the villains would be greeted by that omen of death knell Hayeeeee Salaaaaaaa I could emphasize with the gamut of emotions, those intense eyes behind the dark shades would have been going through. Any moment, I expected Prabhujhi to spring up like a bum on a hot stove and utter those patented godly words Hayeeeee Salaaaaaaa.. and throw a punch or two. Alas, he only caressed his knees. My worst suspicions were confirmed-even the God is not spared of wobbly Vajpayee knees. I walked towards him, as Mithun was acknowledging the gentle greetings of not-so-animated fans with a nod. These are not your real Bhakths. The lack of excitement exposes them I muttered . Even Mithunda knew, I could sense.

Finally the moment of reckoning came- my chance to make an impact and talk to the GOD for some moments or just give a tame greeting and disappear into wilderness like millions before.

Mithunda, I am your huge fan.- I blabbered like an excited teenaged girl.

Oh that is Nice - uttered Mithun.

I knew right then that the ice had been broken. After all in TN, only the ISI certified die-hard fan can address Mithun Chakravarthy as Mithun-da, the honorific da known only to Bongs and Mithun Bhakths. What followed in the next 10 minutes was the stuff of dreams of Mithun maniacs.Perfect synchronization of wavelengths as Physics would describe.
Cinema was touched upon. Coming from a shooting of a film starring Salman. Chotta Bacha Salman,when compared to you, I told myself with a chuckle.
Cricket was dissected; merits of ICL vs IPL(the II edition of IPL was just about to start then) was discussed. For those of you unaware, Mithunda is a co-owner of Kolkata Tigers, an ICL team. Mithun slammed BCCI for their arm twisting tactics of that evil-behemoth. Cricket is a national sport. It needs to be recognised irrespective of who is playing, be it the IPL or ICL. The BCCI is after all only a private body, it is not the Indian govt to lay down rules soundly reasoned Mithunda.
I concurred and for my part, further demonized BCCI for stifling the growth of Olympic sports like Hockey. Then followed one conversation which showed me, why this former naxalite turned megastar was able to connect with the masses.

Me: Mithunda, why dont you switch from ICL to IPL ?

Mithun(with a sarcastic grin): I dont want to. Anybody can score on a small ground. IPL is good, very good cricket, but BCCI is playing politics by not recognizing us. I am a fighter.

Me: That is why, I am your fan Sir.

With those three terse sentences, Mithun showed his command over the subtleties of the game of cricket unlike those glamour bimbo dolls who sit in the corporate boxes in IPL. The God by whole-heartedly praising the rival IPL reaffirmed his godly heart and his true love for the game and not the money. He also subtly conveyed the tough background from which He arose against heavy odds. The humble Mithunda graciously put his autograph and the God most magnanimously Himself snapped a Photograph of the Bhakth sitting alongside Him.
Jet Airways Flight to Mumbai has arrived went an announcement.
Prabhujhi got up abruptly like in movies of old and went his way.
A final Goodbye, he didnt tell and neither did I expect. After all in mythological movies, after giving darshan and granting boons to the Bhakth, the God simply disappears.

Published by Maska July 15th, 2009 in Films.

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tnxXXXX so much

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Directing Mithun Chahraborty

23r of Dec 2008(tuesday), the day was like any other day but still the day holds an extreme importance in my life as i had to shoot with Mithun Da, the actor i admired from my childhood days.Generation i belong to will connect to me moment i will start talking about the style of this actor. This man in the bollywood has made history. And he never forgets to mention the learnings and experience he holds at the age of 60. He is still a director's actor. He listens to u and follows u still the same way i suppose he used to do in his days of glory. As he mentions smiling "colaba se borivali to mera runway hain...uske baad mera popularity take-off hota hain". He was damn right. He is still loved and liked by millions. His hair style was a rage at one point of time.Oh!! he still look handsome. Grace he holds will make even shahrukh and salman bow to him. Anyway i can keep on admiring this 60 yr old gentleman, who is actor first and then a very good human being. I just want to wrap these moments special to me and keep them in safe deposit so that one day my son when opens and read this, he would know his father did work with the actor whose steps he copied in his schooldays and earned "best dancer of the school award'.

Posted by Vinod Pandole

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Mithun beats AGE without Surgery!

July 24th, 2009

As you grow older its said that your mind becomes lazy, but being in this glamorous industry one cannot grow old- physically or mentally. So how do these superstars beat age? Hush! The star secrets are out- We bring you the secrets of veteran actors, and how they keep their mind sharp.
In a recent interview, Ravi Kisshan revealed that, Mithun Da gets up early in the morning and play cards on his laptop. He told me that this is how he keeps his mind fresh and sharp.He also said that Shatrugun Sinha also used to do the same. This is a unique and technical way to keep your mind agile, also its fun to play such kinds of games. These kind of activities help increase grasping power, he concludes.
So now, the next time your boss catches you whiling away time playing cards on Solitaire, you can kindly tell them its the best brain exercise, prescribed by Doc Mithun Da!

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Mithun madness

Thu, Jul 30 10:27 AM

For him, actor Mithun Chakraborty is no less than God. He is not just a regular fan who believes in watching each and every movie of the actor. His admiration and devotion towards Mithunda goes much beyond that. Starting from his caller tune  I am a Disco Dancer  to the fact that he has travelled all the way to Ooty from Pune, on a two-wheeler to meet the star, speaks volumes about his immense regard for the actor. He knows even the minutest detail of every Mithun film. He has a collection of around 140 video cassettes of Mithun's films, 30 video cassettes of Mithun's songs, around 1000 posters and 27 photos of him with the actor.

Noor Ali, who works as a driver with a private travel company, has been in absolute awe of the actor since the time he was 16-years-old. Not just that, for the past 25 years, Ali has been celebrating Mithun's birthday, which falls on June 16. The only difference is that earlier he used to steal money from his father's wallet but these days, he puts Rs 30 aside every single day as Mithun's birthday celebration collection. Earlier, his father used to beat him for this craze and nowadays, it's his wife Bano Sheikh, who is tired of Ali's extravagance for the star.

"When I was young, I used to distribute chocolates amongst my friends and nowadays, I cut the cake and have breakfast with my colleagues," says Ali. Ali's obsession for Mithun, as he confesses, began when he watched his movie Suraksha and Disco Dancer. But this 44-year-old waited too long for a chance to see the actor up, close and personal. In the year 1991, when Mithun came to Pune for the premiere of his film Agneepath, Ali stood amongst the crowd, watching the actor go into Mangala theatre. So much was his craze that he waited for three hours to see Mithun again, coming out of the theatre.

"After 1991, I started saving money to travel to Ooty to meet him," says Ali. Finally in 2005, when he was able to collect Rs 25,000, he set off for Ooty on his two-wheeler. He hired a mechanic too, who travelled along with him. Apparently, the actor had to leave for an urgent shoot. "I was very disappointed, but Mithunda is very kind, he had given instructions to his staff and they treated me very well. I even clicked a lot of pictures in his hotel," he says. Later, Ali got those pictures enlarged and framed by spending Rs 8,000.

In 2007, when Mithun again visited the city for his film Zor Lagake Haiyya, Ali got the chance to meet him. This time, he spoke to Mithun in detail and expressed his regards, love and passion for the actor and his films. "Besides being a great star, he is also a very good human being," says Ali. This year, Ali got a personal invitation from the star to visit him at his residence and have dinner with Mithun's family members. After dinner, while leaving, Ali asked Mithun to give him something as a memorabilia and he presented him with a jacket, which he wore during the shoot of Dance India Dance. He says, "I wasn't expecting this. It was a truly great gesture on his part."

Ali has been waiting for a long time for Mithun's latest film Luck. Just the way he dresses up to watch all of Mithun's films, this time around too, Ali dressed up like his reel Mithunda  white shoes, round-neck t-shirt and a shining jacket, to boot.

Garima Mishra

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I am a very irritating actor: Mithun Chakraborty

Posted: Jun 03, 2009
New Delhi

Mithun Chakraborty may have won millions of fans across the country with his endearing performances on screen but the actor feels that he can be very "irritating" to the directors as he asks too many questions.

"I am very irritating actor. I keep on asking questions until I get satisfied with the answers because when you play a certain character you need to learn every aspect of it and it can be difficult for directors," Mithun said.

The national award-winning actor was in the city to promote his upcoming film 'Zor Lagaa Ke...Haiya!' along with his son Mimoh. Mithun plays a vagrant in the movie.

The film is based on the issue of deforestation in urban India and the actor considers it one of his most challenging performances.

Mithun said that he decided to become the part of the film by debutante filmmaker Girish Girija Joshi because of its inherent message.

"It touched my heart and despite being new Girish has made the film with great understanding. You really need a heart to make a movie like this at a time when people don't want to take risks," the actor said.

The movie also stars seasoned actors like Seema Biswas, Mahesh Manjrekar, Sachin Khedekar, Gulshan Grover and Riya Sen apart from Mithun and five children.

'Zor Lagaa Ke...Haiya!' has won international awards like Silver Palm Award at Mexico International Film Fetival and Silver Remi Award at Houston Film Film Festival.

The movie is expected to hit the theatres on June 12 depending upon the end of the stand off between Bollywood producers-distributors and multiplex owners.

The story revolves around five children, who are involuntarily pitted against a mean looking beggar, played by Mithun, who lives in a small hut on a tree, outside their housing society.

All is thrown off balance when a builder plans to cut the tree for making an access road. The children and the beggar unite to battle the money hungry builders.

"I play a very interesting character, who has left his family to become a beggar because he does not want to compromise but these children teach him the need to change and adapt with time," said the actor.

When asked whether 'The Murderer' will be Mimoh's relaunch, the actor said, "There is nothing like relaunch. He has been launched once and that's it. It is a different matter that the film did not work. But he has a long way to go."

Mimoh made his debut in the industry with 'Jimmy' last year but the film did not do well at the box office.

However, Mithun is confident about his son's future and hopes to star with him soon.

"You will see both of us in a film soon. We have some scripts in mind but it would not see us as father-son because ultimately we are actors," Mithun said.

Asked about his plans to team up with Amitabh Bachchan after a long time, the actor said, "There is still a question mark on it. I like the idea but he (Vivek Sharma) has to come up with the script. So, let us see what happens."

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Westernised Bollywood dancing will fade away: Mithun

Sun, Aug 2 12:41 PM

Bahni Bandyopadhyay New Delhi, Aug 2 (PTI) Bollywood''s original disco dancer Mithun Chakraborty thinks that the current style of bollywood dancing is too westernised and will not be here for long,as it does not have an appeal with the larger mass. "Nowadays dance in Bollywood has become more westernised, but this trend will fade away," says Mithun, whose favourite dancer from the current crop is Hrithik Roshan.

Chakraborty had debuted with Mrinal Sen''s ''Mrigaya'', and went on to make a mark on the canvas of Bollywood with his unique style of dancing in films like ''Disco Dancer'' and ''Dance Dance'' which is admired by people even today. "India is not restricted to four cities, rather India lies beyond the four metropolises where people don''t identify with this style of dancing," says the veteran actor, who was in the capital recently to promote his upcoming film ''Chal Chalein''.

The film, directed by Ujjwal Singh, is about a group of kids fighting against excessive parental pressure to excel in their careers. It was screened at the Cannes Film festival earlier this year.

"Every year, once the board exam results are out, you see news about some child committing suicide out of disappointment and fear of their parents. ''Chal Chalein'' is centered around a similar case," says Chakraborty.

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Young Girls go crazy over Mithun

It's not for no reason when we say that Mithun Chakraborthy is a global superstar.

Shooting for Shree Ashtavinayaks Luck; the cast and crew, traveled extensively all over South Africa. And out of the gang, guess which star was the most popular among the locals everywhere??

It was none other than our Mithun da.

The legendary actor seemed to be a favorite among the locals and during shoots, his fans would turn up in huge numbers to catch a glimpse of the actor and take his autograph.

The dashing actor couldnt help but blush at the sight of young girls rooting for him. He was delighted by all the love and respect shown by his fans there, says our source.

It was a pleasant sight to see, how even after years, Mithunda still rules the heart of one and all.


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Thank you soooooo much

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On the move, always


As Chal Chalein makes it to theatres, Mithun Chakraborty walks down memory lane.

Photo: Rajeev Bhatt

Got the guts! Mithun Chakraborty says luck is his X-factor.

Im a showman. And there are three professions that suit a showman cinema, aviation and hospitality. I am happy that I made it in two out of three. Mithun Chakraborty is a contented man, a star who lived life his size. Touching 60, he could still make young girls queue up for autographs and the oldies reminisce about his volatile screen image. Do you think I am special? I dont. Its all destiny. I always say pehle kismat phir mehnat. I believe every man is born with Y-factor. It is luck, which is your X-factor.

Well, the recently released Luck has indeed brought him back to the limelight with his booming dialogues creating the desired impact. I loved the experience. In the last few years we have stopped playing to the gallery. Cinema is all about entertainment. We are paid to entertain, not to pick a news story from a newspaper and rehash it into a film.

Advocating an issue

Leaving nothing to chance, Mithun says those who believe playing to the gallery is easy either dont know the art or are those who treat films as products catering to the tastes of metro and NRI audience. All of them look the same. It is like selling the same old toothpaste with a new ingredient. Mera wala Pepsodent, he lets it out. I am not against meaningful cinema or cinema for the classes. I have done enough of it but what about countless people living in smaller towns. Where is their dose of entertainment? As his arm goes up in desperation, we notice, the six stitches he got while jumping from a helicopter during the shooting of Luck in South Africa. I jumped straight on a rock. Part of the job!

This week the job takes him to a courtroom as he plays a lawyer in Chal Chalein. It raises the problem of students committing suicides for not doing well in competitive exams. Ninety per cent doesnt seem enough to get a college or course of your choice. Somewhere parents are at fault for using their kids to realise their unfulfilled dreams. In a first of its kind, the kids file a case against their parents. Their point is that they have full respect and love for their parents but somehow they deem parents responsible for creating undue pressure on them. I am with them.

He points out his father wanted him an engineer. I myself wanted to be in the Navy but circumstances were such that I had to be in Mumbai in films. And I didnt do badly. So ensure your kids become good human beings and then let the destiny play its part.

When did he realise that he has got that X-factor?

I always wanted to be noticed. When I played football, I played centre forward. I took to dance to grab attention but soon it became a prayer for me. When I came to Mumbai people began to notice me. At a tailoring shop, Salim Khan (of Salim-Javed fame) told me why you dont try in films. Once I was watching Sunil Dutt shooting on a road. There were hundreds present but during the break Dutt Sahib came to me and said something similar to what Salim Sahib advised. At that point I realised I must have something special.

But then he left it all when he had got it all. It is difficult to get stardom but it is thorny to hold on to it. Those were different times. Every Friday used to decide your future, your pay packet. And I had a huge family to support. In fact, I used to get fever every time I had a release. Is it really true? Absolutely, I distinctly remember it used to be between 99 and 100 degree Fahrenheit. More than that, he says, he had begun to feel lonely.

Lonely at the top

When you are at the top nobody is with you. Not even family members. Everybody used to believe I am saying something because somebody has influenced me to say that. Nobody realised that I was the same common man from Kolkata.

He decided to diversify.

At that time the late Lalit Suri came to my help. He taught me the basics of hospitality business and I decided to shift base to Ooty. But somehow my fans didnt forget me and I had to return.

He analyses his sustainability as his ability to take risks.

Mrigya introduced me to meaningful cinema and awards but bread and butter were promised after the success of Suraksha. When I was dubbed as an action hero, I decided to put forward my dancing skills. I was inspired by Elvis Presley. That is why there were so many pelvic movements. But I knew my limitations. While Michael Jackson was able to mould his Presley-acts into something original, I despite my dedication knew it will become repetitive. With Pyaar Jhukta Nahin, I got a fresh life. Meanwhile, I never severed my links with Bangla cinema and till date my most cherished memories as far as acting is concerned are my three National Award winning films.

For now he is busy wooing the gallery all over again with Babbarr, where he plays an encounter specialist. Just another day in the life of the multi-layered star.

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"Just the thought of facing the camera would make me shiver" - Mimoh Chakraborty

Courtesy: IndiaFM

Mimoh, a proud son of legendary Mithun Chakraborty, is all geared up to prove his acting prowess in his forthcoming debut film, Jimmy. Not many know that his real name is Mahakshay, but Mithun being a die-hard fan of Michael Jackson and Mohammad Ali, also named his son Mimoh, which is a combination of these two names. Apart from Jimmy, Hamilton Palace and Loot are some of his films lined up for the release this year.

Here is an exclusive interview with Mimoh where he shares his experience about working in his debut venture, Jimmy, releasing this Friday.

Are you nervous or excited for the release of your film?
Honestly, I can't explain how I am feelingit's beyond any expression. Well, if I have to put into one word, I am scared as to how people would react to my performance in the film. Expectations being a star's son tend to touch the sky and I hope to live up to them.

Tell us what Jimmy is all about?
Jimmy is a thriller, which revolves around the protagonist named Jimmy, played by me. Jimmy is a perfectionist and a workaholic who has no complaints from both his personal and professional life. I work as a driver during the day and DJ in the night. However, with the twists and turns in the story, nothing seems as it is supposed to. What happens next is what Jimmy is all about.

Hmmm...workaholic! You seem to be the same way in real life too; two more films of yours are lined up for the release this year. What's the secret behind this energy?
It's give me immense satisfaction and pleasure to be a part of the film fraternity and I love to work round the clock, I feel I have become addicted to it now. As a beginner, I would like to experiment and give my hundred percent if I have to prove myself. Acting has become a passion now and trust me, I can't think beyond that. I am not doing films out of compulsion, I love my work and enjoy every bit of it so factors like energy, stamina eventually fall in place with the regular workouts I do. Moreover, my work makes me self-sufficientno more asking pocket money from Dad. The feeling of independence is very satisfying and to know that your hard work is paid off well gives you the kick to work harder.

And all your films have been thrillerswhy this inclination towards this particular genre?

There is no special inclination towards any particular genre. I believe newcomers should not be choosy about their work. All my films be it Hamilton Palace, Loot or Jimmy, despite being thrillers will display me in three different characters. Call it a pure coincidence (smiles); I signed them because of their strong script, which coincidently happened to be thrillers.

How has the experience of facing the camera been so far?
Honestly, I have never been so scared in my lifeyou won't believe I was trembling on the very first day of my shoot. Just the thought of facing the camera would make me shiverit was a dance sequence and I was completely petrified. But to my surprise, I did it in one take and was so thrilled. And things eventually fell in place thereafter.

Do you a get apprehensive about the comparisons between you and your father Mithun Chakraborty, which are bound to happen? What's your take on him?
I like to see the other side of the coin. Comparisons between my father and me, I believe is the USP of the film because audience will be keen to know how different Mithun Chakraborty's son is from him. However, can't neglect the one side as well (laughs) which gives me nightmares as to what would be the audience reaction to my film and my performance as well. And as far as my Dad is concerned, he is a legend himselfI normally fall short of words when I have to explain him. He has gone through a lot and still is going through. He keeps on pepping me up saying, "Son, prepare for the worst and hope for the best." My father means everything to me and I hope I live up to his expectations. I have learnt a lot from himI think he is one of the very few actors who climbed the ladders of success with the originality factor and I try my level best to follow his steps. And today, my father as an actor has reached new heights and I feel proud to say that he has surpassed himself and this is biggest compliment I have ever given him.

How was the experience working with veteran actor Shakti Kapoor?
To tell you the truth; Shaktiji was more than nice to me. He was so encouraging on the sets. I am an introvert person and don't jell with people easily. Apart from the fear of my performance, the thought of mixing up with my co-stars was something, which was giving me nightmares. However, I was more than happy to have people like Shakti Kapoor in Jimmy and Sunil Shetty in Loot because they treated me not only like co-star but also went out of their way to take care of me and make sure that I am comfortable. Sunil is a gem of a person. Not just on the sets but he would give me fitness tips in the gym.

How is the music of the film? Which is your favourite track?
Jimmy has a very situational music something, which is not put forcefully to add the style and melody elements to the film. At the same time, I feel it's really good. 'Marhabba' is my favourite track in the film, which took 40 days to be completed and took about 6 hours daily.

What is the USP of the film? Are you satisfied with the way the film has shaped up?
USP is, as I told you earlier the audiences' curiosity to know what Mithun Chakraborty's son can do and how good or bad he is. Secondly, the story, which is the soul of the film. And, I am more than satisfied with Jimmy and hope it works well at the box-office.

Share some memorable moments with us during the shoot of the film?
I can't pin point any onethe entire shoot was a memorable experience. I remember I had hurt myself during the shoot of the film while doing one stuntand everyone was so supportive that despite all the pain I managed to give my best. However, the most memorable was the day when I received my first paycheck and I bought things for my family members. That was most touching moment of my life.

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link post  Posted: 20.09.09 11:05. Post subject: I did not stop actin..

I did not stop acting: Mithun Chakraborty

June 3rd, 2009

MITHUN CHAKRABORTY tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that he is happy Salman Khan has won the crown in Dance India Dance and adds that when he took up the job of judging Dance India Dance for Zee TV, he had told the channel that he would not indulge in any drama to add to the TRPs of the show

How tough was it to be the judge of a reality show like Dance India Dance on Zee TV?

I should confess that to be the judge of a reality dance show like Dance India Dance was very tough because I had to perform my role as the judge without having any script at all. The best part of the show was that it was 100 % an impromptu show, where you cannot predict what is going to happen the next minute. That is the reason the show garnered the maximum number of TRPs and wass known as a show which was hat ke.

How were the participants of the show short listed?

The way the participants for then show were selected was interesting. Initially, only around 6000 out of the one lakh participants who had applied for the show from all over the country were short listed. After that only around 100 were invited to Mumbai for selection. Out of the 100, 40 were short listed later and finally just 18 of them were filtered. Finally the best 12 were asked to take part and selected by way of sms from the viewers.

Did the channel ask you to create drama to add to the TRPs of the show?

You have known me right from the time 33 years ago when I had made my debut as an actor with Mrinal Sens Mrigaya. I have always been honest to the core. I told Zee TV when they approached me to be the judge for the show that they should not expect that I should indulge in any drama to add to the TRPs of the show. I told them categorically that I would not in any way create any drama for the show and since the Zee guys believe in me, they agreed when I told them that emotion should not come in the way of judgment of talent in then show.

How do you boost the morale of the participants?
Just like I told my son Mimoh that life is a big fight and hence not to give up fighting his own battle, just because his maiden film as an actor-Jimmy failed to click at the box office, I also told all the participants in the show that as and when they lost their spirits they should not give up their fight. I told each one of them that they should fight their own battle on their own.

What were the highlights of the show?
If you ask me what the highlights of the show were, Id not hesitate to tell you that ek aam aadmi ko star banana was the USP of the show. The second highlight was that there was absolutely no pretension as far as the show was concerned. The third highlight of the show was me. I was not influenced by any kind of emotion. In fact I repeatedly even requested the viewers who were required to vote for the participants not to judge the winners on the basis of jaath paath or bhasha but zero in on them on the basis of the real talent.

Can you explain?
Believe it or not, the first person to be eliminated in the Dance India Dance show was a participant from Bengal. I promised myself that Id give a dancing star for our country. This was one show where the girls are on par with their male counterparts. I have always been asking the viewers not to underestimate the girl participants.

Was it a ball game to be a judge?
It was not an easy ball game to be the judge. Mentally you have got to be very alert as a judge

Have you stopped taking up offers to act in films now?
Just because I was busy with my role as the judge on Dance India Dance it does not at all mean that I have gone slow as far as my film assignments are concerned. I do a select few films which are nearer to my heart, because I was needed for Dance India Dance as a judge only once a week when two episodes were shot at Mahalakshmi at Famous Studios.

Which are the films up have up your sleeves now?
I am doing a film called 9mm for Ashu Trikha. Besides that, I am also acting in Sohams Luck, which is a masala action flick and Veer, an emotional action flick. Salman incidentally has also written the film, which is a period flick. Salman Khan and Sohail Khan play the main leads in the film, which is about a conflict between a father and son. I could not say no to the project because Salmans father Salim Khan had been of great help in my life when I was nobody.

How do you feel when you look back at your career as an actor?
When I look back at my career, I am happy. I have acted in around 330 films till date. Without meaning to sound immodest, let me tell you that I have seen the kind of super stardom that not many actors have been able to have. Imagine next to Raj Kapoor, I have had a tremendous fan following even in Russia, where like Mera Jootha Hai Japani, people sing my number from Disco Dancer- Jimmy Aaja Aaja. Besides having won three National awards for acting, I am enjoying my super stardom even now today. What more do you think I could have asked for as an actor?

What difference do you find between the stars then and now?
The difference between stars then and now is that we were the real stars at that time. Today star power is actually lacking, because of marketing policies and except for one or two stars, we have not been able to create heroic stars for the simple reason that we have started selling packages.

-Sampurn Media

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link post  Posted: 22.10.09 07:03. Post subject: Mimoh starts afresh ..

Mimoh starts afresh


Mimoh Chakraborty, who is ready to be relaunched in Bollywood after a complete makeover, is all set to work with
his father, Mithun.

The father and son have signed director Gaurav Pandes film, Spaghetti 24 x 7. While Mithun said that he will soon make an official announcement about the film, Mimoh said, Yes, dad and I are doing the film. Work begins from November 15. Its too early to speak about the films subject right now. About director Gaurav, Mimoh said, Dad had worked with him on a Bengali film and loved his work.

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link post  Posted: 22.10.09 07:11. Post subject: It's dream come ..

It's dream come true for Mimoh

RUMAN GANGULY , TNN 15 October 2009

Excited to be paired opposite his father, Mithun Chakraborty in Spaghetti 24/7, Mimoh Chakraborty tells TOI that most girls of his choice Mimoh Chakraborty end up being in love with his dad...

You are sporting a new look...
I needed to flaunt a toned look for Gaurav Pandeys Spaghetti 24/7, but I was determined to sport a slim and trim look because in todays competitive world looks are primary and acting is secondary. There are many directors who cast actors keeping in mind their screen presence rather than their ability to deliver. I have to get noticed to survive in this industry and for that, I need to look good and perform well. I have slogged a year for this look. I work out six days a week and indulge in power yoga, kick boxing, dancing, running and gymming. I follow a strict diet except on Sundays since Baba (Mithun Chakraborty) is the greatest chef on earth and cooks a mean mutton biryani on Sundays.

Surely Mithun Chakrabortys son must have it easy in bagging offers...

On the contrary, its never a cakewalk for star kids. Baba has never recommended me to any director and will never do so. He strongly believes that nothing comes on a platter and I respect his ideology.

But star kids like Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor are going great guns...
They are really doing great in their career. But they all must have worked hard for it. They are doing great in their career because they are worthy not because they are star kids.

What are your fathers acting tips to you?
His only tip to me is to be honest in life. He tells me Be honest to your work, family and friends. Things will fall in place. I believe acting is a learning process and no one can give tips on acting.

The buzz is that you are playing a negative character in Spaghetti 24/7?
I wont say it is a negative role but yes, there are shades of grey.

You must be thrilled since Mithun and you will be cast together for the first time in Pandeys film? Is it a pressure to be paired with an actor of such calibre?
Surely, Im happy to be cast with him in Gaurav Sirs film. In fact, it was my dream to act with Baba. I am also aware of the fact that expectations from me will be sky high since we will be sharing the same frame. But if I think of it as pressure, then my performance will suffer.

But dont you think there is a chance of getting overshadowed by Mithun?
(Laughs) One cant help it as he is Mithun Chakraborty. As of now, I want to concentrate on my acting and not think of anything else.

Buzz is that you play a tapori in Rajnish Thakurs Root?
Yes. It is a comedy action film and I am paired opposite Shweta Bhardwaj. In fact, I want to act in all regional films and not limit myself to Bollywood or Tollywood alone.

Does it dampen your spirits when you realise that your film has not fared well at the BO?
One cannot become a superstar in a day. Despite being in the industry for close to three decades, Baba tells me he is improving with each take.

Film-making anyway is a gamble. While actors always face the arclights with confidence once the camera starts to roll, a hit or a miss is part-destined and part audience-controlled.

Any special friend in Mimohs life?
The saddest part is if I like any girl,the first thing I hear from her is I am in love with your father! What more
can I say?

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link post  Posted: 06.07.10 23:18. Post subject: Mithun's 'Shukno Lanka', brilliant acting scale

Shukno Lanka tackles a subject rarely explored in Bengali cinema the junior artiste. The title is a metaphor for the junior artiste who, like a dry red chilli which Shukno Lanka translates to, is mandatory in every Indian dish/film but is neither recognised nor appreciated.

Chinu Nandy (Mithun Chakraborty) is a junior artiste for around 30 years. His life is one long struggle hopping into a tramcar to knock at studio doors looking for work to be gained through humiliation, oppression and insults. His life with wife Bela (Angana Sen), a content couch-potato in a small one-room flat in a dingy bylane where the local youth keeping ragging Chinu mercilessly, is like a refreshing balm that smoothes the pains away.

One fine day, internationally renowned filmmaker Joy Sundar Sen (Sabyasachi Chakraborty) takes him to play the lead in Parash Pathar, an adaptation of a short story authored by filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak.

The parallel track unfolds Joy Sundars life as filmmaker, his platonic friendship with Australian actress Isabella (Emma Brown) and his troubled relationship with wife Jhilik (Debasree Roy) who he ignores to the extent that for him, she does not exist.

One night, Chinu Nandy hires a landau and sets off with Bela on a ride to pour his heart out, telling her things he never did before, including his elevation as hero in a film directed by Joy Sundar Sen. This is the strand that binds the two layers of the story and also unfolds episodically in flashbacks, the story of Chinus life.

The landau ride tends to drag at times till we realise what the ride was leading to.

Shukno Lanka is a model lesson on some best acting we have seen recently in Bengali cinema. Mithun Chakraborty proves again that he is, perhaps, the best actor in the country today who puts everything and some more, into every role he plays, be it a pop masala film like Tulkalaam or a surrealistic exercise like Buddhadeb Dasguptas Kaalpurush. He touches the character of Chinu Nandy as if with a magic wand and abracadabra, we see Chinu Nandy and not Mithun Chakraborty. The only negative point is the imperfect East Bengali dialectic diction he uses in his conversations with his wife.

Sabyasachi Chakraborty infuses Joy Sundar Sen with the self-indulgent arrogance his fame, talent and power have given him, spelt out in his body language, speech, attitude and treatment of Chinu. He never lets Chinu forget that he is, after all, a junior artiste. The way he treats his wife marks only a difference in degree. With Isabella however, he remains friendly because there is a quid pro quo involved.

Debasree Roy gives one of the best performances of her career, filling it with an entire range of emotions from begging, to persuading, to breaking down, to desperate anger.

Emma Brown as Isabella is soft, low-key and in control, not allowing her infatuation for the director to show.

Angana Sen as Bela is natural and sweet. There is a lovely family scene where the neighbourhood has gathered in their small room to watch Chinu being interviewed on a television channel and Chinu shooing them to silence when they begin to comment.

The most telling scene is when at the end of the landau ride, Chinu drags his wife down to point out at a huge hoarding of the film above, sporting a blow-up of his face but without his name in the credits.

The late Kunal Mitra does a mind-blowing cameo as a superstar. The characterizations of the two superstars are a bit caricaturized and exaggerated.

Mahesh Aneys cinematography, especially as the landau rides down the streets of Kolkata from night till day break, enriched with Debajyoti Mishras melodious musical score with the beat of the horses hoofs keeping time, makes for beautiful cinema.

Indranil Ghoshs art direction is very good in its detailing and its authenticity, as locations keep shifting from Chinus flat and neighbourhood to the studio compound, to the shooting floors, the superstars air-conditioned van, Joy Sundars spic-and-span apartment, et al.

But Jhiliks sudden breaking into a dance number rings false and forced as does her scene of pouring her heart out in the studio.

Kudos to writer-director Gaurav Pandey for being able to pull off a difficult film with a story that does not have young romance, song-and-dance scenes shot on foreign locations, graphic violence, and not even the conventional hero, heroine and villain. But then, Shukno Lanka is not for the masses.

Critic: Shoma A. Chatterji

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link post  Posted: 21.11.10 01:40. Post subject: Diwali comes early f..

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Mithun, Mimoh to come together (Sep 9, 2012)

In a first, the father-son duo is pairing up for Sujit Mondal's Rocky.

It's a fact well-known that Mimoh is all set to make his Tollywood debut opposite Puja in Sujit Mondal's film. But that's not all. Word has it that the film will also feature his famous father Mithun Chakraborty.

In a first, the father-son duo, who had earlier come together in a Hindi film, Spaghetti 24x7, directed by Gaurav Pandey, will be part of the Bengali film Rocky, produced by Shree Venkatesh Films along with another banner.

While the film's music is scored by Jeet Gannguli, NK Salil has penned the script. Says Mimoh from Pattaya, where he is currently shooting for a Hindi venture, "It is an honour to do a Bengali film as I feel that I should carry my father's legacy forward. The story of the film is interesting and the two production houses are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that it becomes a huge success. Rocky is a suspense thriller with a lot of masala, where I play the title role. The film traces Rocky's journey from being a flamboyant youngster to a mature man. I can't divulge the thriller bit though."
In the film, Mithun will be seen doing a cameo in a song. Does the thought of matching steps with the Disco Dancer make him nervous, we ask. "Baba is a terrific dancer and the audience goes berserk seeing him put on his dancing shoes. I am all nerves. But on the sets, he is Mithun Chakraborty and not my father. I will put in my best despite knowing that there are bound to be comparisons. There will be people, who'll say, 'Baap ne aisa kiya, dekhte hain beta kaisa karta hai'," he shoots back.

Sujit, who will be directing a romantic thriller for the first time, is all geared up to start the shoot from September 25 in Hyderabad. "I tried directing a murder mystery with Dev, but it didn't happen. I hope all goes well this time around. The story demanded a fresh jodi, so I zeroed in on Mimoh and Puja. Working with Mithunda is a bonus," says the director.

Not one to reveal the storyline, NK Salil shares, "Rocky is a rowdy goon, who lives in Mumbai. The police are after him. A sudden turn of events makes him land in Kashmir, where he meets Kolkata girl Nandini (Puja) and falls in love. Once back in Kolkata, Rocky learns that Puja is in love with a minister's son, Avik. A murder happens and the film takes a turn." Vikram is likely to play Avik's role, but nothing has been finalized as yet.

Shrikant Mohta, one of the film's producers, says, "We have launched actors like Jeet, Dev, Soham and directors like Raj, Srijit and Sujit. With Rocky, we'll launch Mimoh in a grand way. The shooting will take place in Kashmir, Kolkata, Hyderabad and some foreign locations."


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nba wholesale - http://molinolevalle.com.ar/ - mllb jersey sizing

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